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2018 Changes

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15-Dec-17 60M: Note-4 has WRC-15 Frequencies added and WRC notes added in Usage column

15-Dec-17 60M: WSPR removed from 5290 kHz

15-Dec-17 60M: 5362-5370 UK Data usage note removed to avoid WRC-15 overlap, WSPR added

15-Dec-17 60M: 5403 USB usage deleted

15-Dec-17 2300 MHz: Updated Licence note as Channel Isles operation is now permitted under latest NoV terms

15-Dec-17 6M: Updated SBP description - deleted 'future'

15-Dec-17 6M: Deleted 50.6 RTTY

15-Dec-17 6M: Added new Note-6 for Digital Experimentation

15-Dec-17 2M: CW Band now starts at 144.100 not 144.110

15-Dec-17 2M: 144.138 PSK31 deleted

15-Dec-17 2M: Unified segments so SSB/MGM etc now runs rom 144.150-144.400

15-Dec-17 2M: Removed unnecessary extra line 144.195-144.205 MHz Random MS SSB as part of simplification

15-Dec-17 2M: Added Personal Weak Signal Beacons (144.491-144.493) in Beacon Guard band

15-Dec-17 2M: Removed 'centre' for Image modes as they are near a band edge

15-Dec-17 2M: Slight changes/clarifications to usage English for RAYNET, MS Calling, Note-7 etc

16-Dec-17 70cm: Beacon band upper limit corrected to IARU 432.490, from 432.500

16-Dec-17 70cm: Added 432.491-432.493 MHz Personal Weak Signal MGM Beacons (BW: 500 Hz max)

16-Dec-17 70cm: 434.4750-434.5250 MHz Internet voice gateways now DV only

16-Dec-17 70cm: 433.8000-434.2500 MHz Digital communications - ADDED '& Experiments'

16-Dec-17 70cm: Added 434.0000 Low Power Non-NoV Personal Hot-Spot usage

16-Dec-17 70cm: Added 438.8000 Low Power Non-NoV Personal Hot-Spot usage

16-Dec-17 70cm: Editorial - Merged usage for 433.7000-433.7750 MHz (Note 10)

16-Dec-17 70cm: 430.250-430.300 MHz UK DV 9 MHz reverse-split repeaters - Outputs

16-Dec-17 70cm: Added 439.250-439.300 MHz UK DV 9 MHz reverse-split repeaters - Inputs

16-Dec-17 70cm: Deleted 432.0880 MHz PSK31 centre of activity

16-Dec-17 23cm: Added 1296.741-1296.743 MHz Personal Weak Signal MGM Beacons

16-Dec-17 13cm: Updated Note-2 to add 2400-2402 alternative narrowband use in other countries

16-Dec-17 6cm: Introduce BW Column and reformat

16-Dec-17 6cm: Remove 5668 beacons and clarify names for preferred and alternative narrowband centres

16-Dec-17 Notes: Added 5MHz to 'No contests' bands

8-Jan-18 Highlighted Full Licensees Only on 600m, 60m, 146MHz, 2300MHz

8-Jan-18 60M: Clarify it is UK Usage Plan only. Further info -

8-Jan-18 146MHz: Updated Power Limit from 25 to 50W