Date Description
1-Jan-15 Notes Tab - MGM and WSPR notes added 
1-Jan-15 Notes Tab - revised text for 472 kHz, 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz due to licence changes
1-Jan-15 146-147MHz: New band plan added copied from October 2014
1-Jan-15 2300-2302MHz: New band plan added, as per RadCom Jan-2014
1-Jan-15 600M: Licensing notes now refer to new licence terms, not NoV
1-Jan-15 600M: Inserted new usage note for 472-475 and 475-479
1-Jan-15 60M: Licensing notes amended to refer to new licence terms, not NoV
1-Jan-15 10M: 29,000-29,100 amended to 6kHz all modes and acccomodate AM usage 
1-Jan-15 4M: WSPR designation corrected to 70.091, from 70.090 MHz
1-Jan-15 4M: RTTY designation removed from 70.300 MHz
1-Jan-15 2M: Added new 144.000-144.025 All modes / Satellite segment
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.050 MHz   Telegraphy calling renamed to Centre
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.300 MHz   SSB calling now Centre
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.500 MHz   SSTV calling now Image Modes centre
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.525 MHz   ATV SSB Talk-back deleted
1-Jan-15 2M: Note-8 simplified for 144.550 AM usage
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.600 RTTY renamed to Data centre of activity (MGM, RTTY, etc.,)’
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.700 MHz FAX deleted
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.875-144.9125 packet deleted
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.925-144.950 packet updated
1-Jan-15 2M: 144.975 wideband packet deleted, future usage tbd
1-Jan-15 2M: 145.2125 FM Internet Gateways deleted, Note-13 blanked
1-Jan-15 2M: 145.300 RTTY deleted
1-Jan-15 2M: 145.5875 included for Note-11
1-Jan-15 2M: Note-15 deleted following Packet review
1-Jan-15 13cm: Removed 2350-2390 MHz and Note-4
1-Jan-15 13cm: Realigned usage and Note-1 in 2321-22 to FM/DV as per IARU-R1 plan and to act as a narrowband guardband
1-Jan-15 13cm: Removed EME and altered usage to all modes in 2390-2400
1-Jan-15 13cm: Reduced designationsl in  2310-2320 MHz
1-Jan-15 13cm: Reset 2322-2350 to generic wideband modes
1-Jan-15 9cm: Removed 3410-3475 MHz and Note-4
1-Jan-15 9cm: Added bandwidth column
1-Jan-15 9cm: Revised usage notes, including addition of DATV repeater outputs
1-Jan-15 3cm: Added bandwidth column
1-Jan-15 3cm: Deleted Note-1 as wideband usage is to be aligned based on Note-2
1-Jan-15 3cm: Removed obsolete linear tranponder, repeater and datalink usage
1-Jan-15 3cm: Added current TV and Voice Repeater usage
1-Jan-15 3cm: Revised 10-10.125 GHz - including yellow highlight and new Note-4 for Primary User issues
2-Jan-15 Notes Tab - eSSB note added, yellow highlights updated
2-Jan-15 70cm: Note-3 re FAX deleted and removed from 433.700 MHz
2-Jan-15 70cm: 432.700 MHz FAX deleted
2-Jan-15 70cm: 432.600 and 433.600 RTTY deleted
2-Jan-15 70cm: Added missing Licence power restriction for 430-432 MHz
2-Jan-15 70cm: Fixed typo in Note-1 for case of 'i.e.'
2-Jan-15 2300-2302MHz: Power limit corrected
3-Jan-15 70cm: Updated Note-8 for all Internet Gateways as 12.5kHz Channels, 5W (7dBW) max, attended-only
3-Jan-15 70cm: Updated 430.0125-430.0750 MHz Gateways to refer to Note-8
3-Jan-15 70cm: Updated 431.0750-431.1750 MHz Gateways to refer to Note-8
3-Jan-15 70cm: Updated 433.9500-434.0500 MHz Gateways to refer to Note-8
3-Jan-15 70cm: Updated 434.4750-434.5250 MHz Gateways to refer to Note-8
3-Jan-15 70cm: 432.3500 MHz   shortened description to Microwave talkback as per 2m, as its not an official calling channel
3-Jan-15 70cm: 432.800 -432.900 UK Beacon band deleted as new frequencies are in the IARU segment
3-Jan-15 70cm: Note-9 re UK beacon band deleted