Exam fees

What are the fees for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced examinations?
Check out Paying for your Exam for the latest exam fees.

Exams - general questions

Can existing qualifications in related subjects be used to obtain an amateur radio licence?
Can I sit more than one exam on the same day?
Yes, provided you pass any practical assessments in advance. A reduced fee is also now available to any one taking two or all three examinations at the same time. Please note however, that if you do not pass the lower exam(s) you will not be able to take the higher exam(s) and you will forfeit the higher exam fee(s).
Why canít we have a single exam to go straight to Advanced?
Because the Advanced exam is part of a three-tier progressive system, on its own it does not cover all aspects of the Harmonised Amateur Radio Education Certificate (HAREC) (24-page/164KB PDF). We could generate a new exam that covers all aspects but that would require significant investment in syllabus design and reconfiguration of the exam management system.
Why canít we have an Ďoperators onlyí exam?
We do, the Foundation level exam. The idea appliance operators sit a different exam to gain Full Licence privileges is unlikely to find favour with Ofcom who are keen to see more people progress to the Full Licence. We are required to meet all aspects of the Harmonised Amateur Radio Education Certificate (HAREC) (24-page/164KB PDF) and have detected no demand for removing the technical content from within the international amateur radio community.
Why canít Advanced exams be marked locally?
The RCF policy was that the top level exam should not be marked locally. The policy will be reviewed now that the exams are under a new management arrangement. However, a number of exam centres are also against local marking for the Advanced level on the grounds that the time taken for the exam plus marking would take them over their room hire time limits. Turn around time for HQ marking is about seven days from the exam, which is a considerable improvement on the weeks/months that the old City and Guilds system used to take. Results for the new online Advanced exam are available immediately.
Why do we have to wait a week or more for our exam results?
The system has time built in to allow any appeals or irregularities to be reported. It would be unfair to issue results before a candidate has had time to register an appeal since, once issued, exam results cannot be changed. Appeals have to be registered within five days of the exam, and so papers are not processed until the sixth working day after being received at HQ.
What can I do if I fail the Advanced exam?
Request feedback from the RSGB Exams Department. The feedback report shows you where did well, not so well, and how far away from the pass mark you were. Based on this you can decide whether to book a quick re-sit after some some targeted revision, or whether to consider a resit after a longer period of further study.
I passed my practical assessment but failed my foundation exam, do I need to resit my practical assessment?
No, your Candidate Practical Record of Assessment (CPRoA) is valid for 12 months.
How do I report a concern about an irregularity in an examination?
An allegation of an irregularity in the examination process must be in writing to the RSGB Examinations Department within five working days of the examination, and signed by the person making the allegation. The process that will be followed can be found in The Handling of Irregularities and Appeals (12-page/297KB PDF).

Finding courses and exams

Where can I find a Foundation training course?
Use UK Course and Exam Finder to find courses and examinations in your area.
How do I find an amateur radio club near me?
Use UK Club Finder to find amateur radio clubs in your area.

Learning difficulties

I have learning difficulties, can the RSGB assist me?
Yes. Please contact the RSGB Examinations Department on 01234 832 717 before your examination secretary applies for the exam. Contact should be made as soon as possible, as the usual 10 working days notice is often not enough time to gain appropriate advice to best help the candidate.

Licensing and call signs

How long after my exam can I apply for my licence?
The RSGB processes the examination papers six working days after receiving them and the result is sent to Ofcom. You will then receive a pass certificate in the post containing your candidate number that you need when you apply to Ofcom for a call sign. Ofcom endeavour to ensure that you can apply for a licence as soon as possible after they receive notification from the RSGB but this can take up to five working days.
I passed my exam - where do I get my call sign from?
Your call sign will be issued with your amateur radio licence. To apply for your licence go to Ofcom Online Licensing Services and create a user account. Login to your new account and follow the Apply for a Licence link. You will need your RSGB candidate number which can be found on your pass certificate.
Alternatively, download Ofcom form OF346 (11-page/466KB PDF) to apply for an Amateur Radio licence. Note that applying for a licence online is free but if you send in a paper application a processing fee is incurred.
If you apply online you can print your licence and start using your Foundation call sign straight away. If you send in a paper application, you need to wait for your licence to be delivered through the mail.

Syllabus and sample exam papers

Where can I find the exam syllabus?
The latest Syllabuses for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced examinations can be found under Exam Specifications.
Where can I find sample exam papers?
The sample exam papers for Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced examinations can be found under Resources for Trainers and Students