Do I need to be registered to teach on a course?
No, only Assessors need to be registered.
How do I become a Registered Assessor?
For full details see How Do I Become a Registered Assessor, where you can download an application form.
Does my club need to be registered before it can offer training?
Your club does not have to be registered to offer training, but a Registered Assessor must be present when assessments take place, and the club must be registered before it can request examination papers or hold examinations. Download the RSGB Registered Examination Venue Application Form (EX100) from Exam Forms.
How far in advance do Examination Secretaries need to apply for exam papers?
Please allow a minimum of two weeks—10 working days—notice for all applications . If you have a candidate with special needs, please allow three weeks.
When will the Train the Trainers course be available again?
For details of upcoming events check out Train the Trainers Events and ‘RSGB Matters’ in the latest edition of RadCom.