Club insurance

What insurance does RSGB provide Member groups?
Member groups are covered by the Public Liability section (Section 10) of the RSGB insurance policy issued by CaSE Insurance. For more information about the cover please read the full policy wording (83-page/1.77MB PDF) or the policy summary (19-page/982KB PDF) remembering that it is only Section 10, Public Liability, that applies
What activities does RSGB’s public liability insurance cover?
RSGB’s Public Liability cover extends to include Member Groups undertaking activities as follows:
  • Member Groups – club nights, radio activities, public demonstrations, rallies, contests, ARDF, training
  • Repeater/Beacon & Packet Node Groups – rent of space on masts from BT and similar and attach radio equipment
  • Fundraising and Events as defined in the CaSE Insurance Policy wording (see p.69 Business Activities)
See the Public Liability Section (Section 10) of the CaSE Insurance Policy wording for full coverage details.
Is there an excess to be paid?
Yes, an excess of £250 is applicable to claims for property damage but not to third party injury claims.
Who is liable for the excess?
The club responsible for a relevant claim will be liable for the excess.
Are club members covered?
Yes. The public liability cover includes an extension (Extension 10), Indemnity to Members Extension which can be found on page 32 of the full policy wording (83-page/1.77MB PDF).
Is damage to personal and/or club property covered?
No cover is provided for damage to personal and/or club property. Each individual club and club member is responsible for insuring their own property and will need to arrange cover, if required, under an appropriate insurance policy, independent of the Public Liability insurance provided by CaSE Insurance to RSGB member groups. RSGB makes no recommendation but CaSE Insurance can provide such cover and can be contacted on 0333 600 9838 or
If we set up a demonstration station at an event, do we have to carry out a risk assessment?
It is not compulsory to do so but we recommend a risk assessment is carried out to identify and mitigate any area(s) of risk and hazards at the venue. Evidence of a risk assessment may assist in the processing of any claim. Guidance on carrying out risk assessments is available for RSGB Members and affiliated clubs.