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From within Adobe Reader select PRINT – Booklet - Both sides – Sheets 1 to 10 –

Binding Left – Portrait and then Print this booklet on to A4 paper.

Remove this sheet of paper (with the front cover and these instructions on it) from the

rest of the 9 sheets.

Trim this part off the sheet with a sharp knife or scissors along the dotted line leaving a

strip to wrap around the booklet when the front cover is later glued in place (see the

bottom of this page).

Carefully mark the centre of the top sheet of the remaining sheets and cut them in half

using a sharp knife and a ruler.

Place the pile containing pages 1 to 18 on top of the pile containing pages 19 to back

cover (with pages 18 and 19 facing each other). Remove the unwanted back sheet.

Square the pages up and staple them close to the centre edge with two staples as below.


Run a glue stick along the front stapled edge (shaded in pink above) and place the front

cover carefully in place. Turn the booklet over and paste along the inside of the front

cover flap before folding it carefully over and sticking it to the back cover concealing the


Glue flap and

fold over

If you don’t have a glue stick then trim the front cover and include in pile before stapling.