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Hi there - Amateur Radio

offers lots of different activities.

There are always lots of other contests, competitions, and activities to take part in. Many

amateurs collect contacts for Islands on the Air -


. Every year radio stations are set up in

Mills all over the country for

Mills on the Air

weekend. Many amateurs with similar interests

meet up regularly on the same frequency – called


. One of the most regular and biggest

UK nets is the Barometric Net on 80m. There are also geographic nets such as the

Euro Net


I enjo


– where you

have to find a hidden transmitter

(the fox). It’s a sort of radio

orienteering when there are

several hidden


There are prizes too!

Hi Bill!

So there are contests

and competitions too?

I’m working for a Worked

All Britain Certificate.

I’m also collecting call signs

for a Summits on the Air

Award – SOTA.

Bill’s a member of the same

radio club as my dad.

There’s an amateur

radio on


International Space Station?

Yes! Radio Amateurs talk to


e International Space Station

regularly – we also have

lots of satellites in orbit.

Wow! That’s cool!

I want to be an astronaut

like Helen Sharman,

Britain’s first

astronaut. Helen



Amateur Radio

call sign


whilst in

space. I would also like to

contact the International

Space Station – it has an

Amateur Radio Station

on it.