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Operating in the countryside

away from mains electricity is

not just fun but good practice

for operation during an


They use portable


solar panels,

wind power; and large


like car batteries to

supply their own electricity.

It sounds like fun!

It is, but it’s hard work

too setting up a

complete Radio

Station and everything

else that’s needed.

No - not usually. Many

aerials - antennas as

Radio Amateurs

often call them -

are as easy to set

up as running

a long wire

to a tree

or pole.

Are such big masts

always needed?

Sometimes antennas are

fastened high up on poles but

for some purposes they are

hand held on the ground.

So can we go and see what’s

going on over there today? It

looks different to the JOTA day.

That’s because today is a

National Field Day




Amateurs like it when people

ask questions about their

hobby. Let’s wander over..

# National Field Day

takes place over the first weekend in June and is a CW (Morse Code)

event. A SSB (voice) Field Day is held during the first weekend in September and a VHF Field

Day in July. These, and lots of other special events and contests throughout the year, help

develop expertise such as: operator technique; antenna design, construction, and erection;

generator maintenance; and, increasingly, computer expertise linked to radio communication.