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Today amateurs share the radio

spectrum with many commercial

and service users. But it is only

Radio Amateurs who are allowed

to experiment and

build and design their

own equipment.

Amateur Radio is all about the

skill and fascination of

communicating using radio.

It was Radio Amateurs who

advanced radio theory and

helped make shortwave,

FM, and DAB radio the

popular industries that

they now are.

So the radio in my

room would not be

there if it weren’t

for Radio Hams?



is a UK Radio

Amateur organisation that

helps out in emergencies.

Amateur Radio has other

uses too, Alex … a big

use worldwide is for




In a major disaster it is

sometimes the only way

at first that people can

communicate and

organise help.

As well as providing emergency communications

in areas where natural disasters such as

hurricanes and earthquakes are common Radio

Amateurs in the UK provide communications

during times when the emergency services’

communications fail, or are over stretched.

Also as a public service, and to keep in practice,

RAYNET Groups often provide mobile

communications during sponsored walks,

marathons, and other large events.

No mobilephone

Other activities

I saw them last year but

didn’t know what it was.

Radio Amateurs set up

stations for JOTA to use.

Each year about half-a-million Scouts

and Guides all over the world



over the airwaves in the



weekend of October for the

annual Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA).