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Amateur Radio operators are

sometimes called Radio Hams

A few months earlier …

What a beautiful day!

Yes, but look

over there …

… who are they and

what are they doing?

Those at the table are

Radio Amateurs.


Amateur Radio


Amateur Radio is a hobby that

allows people to transmit on a radio.

They can be as close as in the

same building or as far away as

the other side of the world.

Some people - Short Wave




just enjoy


Why is it sometimes

called Ham Radio?

No one really

knows for sure


… Alex and his dad were out

for a walk when they came

across a group of tents and

radio aerials …

# One possible explanation is that in the early days of radio, when Morse Code was in

common use, the commercial radio operators looked down on Radio Amateurs and

claimed their operation of the Morse key was ham fisted (meaning clumsy).